My Fairy World centres around three words – Hope, Imagine and Believe.  Our store was created for children as much as their parents – to keep childhood dreams alive!

We want children to believe in magic, to believe that good things really do await them. We want to encourage imaginative play and creative writing, and most of all we want to eliminate fears. Our Fairy Doors and other products, can help with anxiety, sleep issues, toilet training, night fears and even moving homes. We’ve found that the children who have used our products have become much more settled within themselves and their homes.

Our products have been designed with a love of fairy lands and magical moments. Many of our products are made within small communities of working woman where ethical standards are enforced to ensure a healthy working relationship that enables them to work from home within their family environment.

My Fairy World is about building a world full of surprise, creativity, magic and joy for the entire family. Spread your wings, come into our Fairy World and see our range of fairy doors and fairy accessories.

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Fairy Doors

My Fairy World Fairy Doors are the perfect gift for the little fairy in your life.  Our doors are beautifully packaged and sold in a range of gorgeous colours.  We can ship Fairy Doors to anywhere in Australia and across the world. Our Fairy Doors are uniquely designed and packaged in Australia to the highest standard.  Visit us on facebook to read some of the wonderful comments and testimonials from our many happy Fairy Door recipients.

Fairy Furniture

Create a miniature Fairy World around your Fairy Door with our tiny furnishings that will surely welcome any fairy to venture into your child’s room to play.  Tiny street lamps, mushroom stools and tables, fairy beds, fairy pillows and wall mounted mini fairy mail boxes.  Delight in creating a beautiful area for your child to play.

Fairy Wall Decals

Our range of Fairy Door Wall Decals feature designs that you will not find anywhere else and are exclusive to My Fairy World. Our range includes Christmas Wall Decals, Easter Wall Decals and Flower Glade Decals and all can be purchased online.

Fairy Letter Writing Kits

What child hasn’t squealed with joy when receiving a letter in the mail?  Encourage the art of letter writing in your child with our Fairy Letter Kit.  Open the box and discover a delightful range of stickers, glitter, writing paper, envelopes and wish tickets. Encourage your child to create their own messages and send them to their fairies and friends!