What is a Fairy Door?

Yellow Fairy Door
What is a Fairy Door

We get asked this question a lot when we exhibit our products as fairs, pop up shops and retail events! its all about imagination. Some people just see the door, visualise the use and understand straight away, others it needs a little explaining.

A Fairy Door is a miniature portal (otherwise known as a pixie door, monster door, elf door or magical door..the list does goes on!) where something or someone lives behind in a magical world. On occasions they come out to play in our world… they can leave trinkets, small presents and encouraging words but mainly in our experience they just love playing with all your bedroom things!

You place your very own Fairy door on a bedroom wall just above the skirting board, outside in a Fairy Garden or if your share a hallway or playroom area. Fairies love coming to see you when your asleep (a little like Santa and the Easter Bunny) they love imagination and encouraging little ones to have fun.

A Fairy/Elf Door can help children through difficult growth stages and sad events in their lives –  Loosing their dummy, Toilet Training, Sibling’s death, Parents away for work for long  periods of time as well as general parenting 101!

Is it HARD?? people ask

We cant recommend highly enough the way a Fairy Door will change your life.. its simple you just have to BELIEVE!