Fairy Doors

BlogImage1Create a World Full of Wonder and Imagination

My Fairy World is an enchanting world of imagination, creative interaction and play – a belief that encourages children to explore and believe in the magic of fairies.

Our hand-crafted range of Australian fairy doors can be placed on your children’s wall, where they can enter a new and exciting world! Add to your fairy door collection with a range of fairy wall decals,  fairy furniture, fairy letter kits and much more.

Encouraging creative thinking and imagination is so wonderfully good for your child’s confidence and future dreams. It’s widely known that imaginary play supports strong, healthy, confident minds and we love knowing that our little Fairy Doors can be a part of something so marvellous.

It begins by selecting a special place for your fairy door to belong – outside, on a bedroom wall or in a special play area.  Create a little space for the fairies to play and leave them their very first note… Fairies love teeny tiny little trinkets like freshly picked flowers, mini letters saying “Hello” and in return they can leave teeny tiny notes back…present’s for special occasions and words of encouragement for when things can be a little tough.

Head over to our fairy door page and begin your journey of hope..imagine and believe

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