Fairy Letter Writing

Letter Writing is a thing of the past with I-Pads, Email and Facetime. There is nothing more exciting than an unexpected letter in the mailbox.

Writing your thoughts down can be a way of clarifying how you feel and for young children this can help them through an anxious time. We all know as parents the requests for things to be done numerous times can be a challenge but a suggestion from the Fairies to tidy your room or don’t forget to brush your teeth can make the world a happy place.

One – Amazingly the kids listen  and Two – The job gets done = a happy place (who doesn’t want to live there)

Our letter writing kits comes with a dual purpose for children and parents alike to aid in the creation of miniature little letters to welcome, encourage, congratulate and remind. Its enforcing the importance of imagination, inviting creativity into your life and supporting tough times that can be had all whilst having fun.

Each kit comes with a variety of teeny tiny items to help make your letters. Including Pre-Written Letters from the fairies, 100 wish tickets (great for positive reinforcement), miniature envelopes and of course GLITTER!

Letter Writing Kits can be viewed here

We say let’s bring back SNAIL MAIL otherwise known as Fairy Letter Writing BACK!