Toilet Training Rewards

There’s no single, guaranteed method for success in potty training. You’ve got to choose your strategy based on the kind of child you have, and the kind of parent you are, too.

I was lucky it just happened in our household.. I have the child who loves a challenge so it was done and dusted within a matter of days, however I did sit back and watch a close friend struggle with the complications of someone who’s “just not that interested”!!! We tried everything from setting a scheduled time to ask…the wait and do as your please strategy…pick your own undies…look at your older sister??? but nothing inspired the change!

UNTIL…BINGO… along came positive reward & a little magic, and it worked. The fairies flew in over night and neatly deposited a beautiful pink fairy door right near the hallway of the toilet in use. They left a teeny tiny note of encouragement  and a promise of good things to come if toilet training became a success.

A simple strategy of reward can be a motivator for change and Fairy Doors can help. As a parent its nice sometimes to take the challenge of “asking” all the time, away, from oneself and onto something far more magical – which tends to always receive a much grander response.


* Allow the fairies to secretly set up their Fairy Door

* Download our Toilet Training Message coming up this evening on Facebook and leave outside your Fairy door ready to be read

* Be organised with small rewards such as messages, stickers, stamps, or anything you think your child will love

* When a positive action occurs congratulate and remember to leave a surprise from the fairies over night or during the day, when you toddler isn’t looking.

* Don’t get caught spending loads of money on reward prizes.. simple words can be the best and little trinket things too.

The best thing to come is, if Fairy Door Toilet training is a success you can use your door for all sorts of training/learning in the future

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MFW xxxx