Fairy Night Light

Accessories Starter Kit Lighting up your room at night can be a difficult balance between too much and not enough. We’ve all been through the stage of  needing that little extra security of a soft glow when it heads into the cooler weather and much darker evenings.

A solution is our Fairy Night Light , a beautiful addition to your fairy door and accessories. The night light has a simple on & off switch and is run by battery so safe for all involved.

Ideas on how to use your fairy light-

*Hang a little something special for your fairy on the cross bar

*At MFW headquarters we leave a mini brass key for our Fairy just in case she forgets to put it in her pocket when she comes to play

*Use the light to create a soft glow – handy for night terrors or toilet training – so you can see where your going

We would love to see some of your own ideas… post a picture to our facebook page or send one to info@myfairyworld.com.au if you already have one of these gorgeous Fairy Night Lights in your room