Make a Wish – Wish Tickets

Its the school holidays for most mums which brings with it the delight of PJ mornings…sleep ins and NO SCHOOL lunch box’s… CORRECT??? on the other hand there is hours of entertainment required…bundles of energy and still many “mum jobs to be completed” in the day.

Bribes are made, promises established with the best intention,ns but its HARD work (well maybe I find it hard work) RIGHT??

As a parent, it’s challenging at times to find the right balance between spoil and deserve, and the school holidays often = spoil in our Fairy household, but it comes with a price the expectation of good behaviour which often at times falls short of the required balance.

My Fairy World created some fantastic fairy accessories for our Letter Writing Kit and lately we’ve been looking at them individually and realising the little pots of gold that exist if being used by themselves.

100 wish tickets is an example of a wonderful Fairy Accessory that, can be used on a daily basis with or without a Fairy Door. Use them for fun to grant a wish found outside your fairy door, or next to your juice jar in the morning, encourage good behaviour with them, to grant a special something… or bank them in as coupons for pocket money v’s chores. There are so many ideas we just love them. My Fairy World wish tickets can be found here on our website….

Wishing you a wonderful holiday week – Lunch Box FREE xx