Fairy Easter Decorations

If, like me, the words Easter Hunt send a thrill up your spine then read on… It is a marvellous time of year to celebrate with family & friends. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks this, but Easter is a joyful time – far less stressful than Christmas which means more time can be spend enjoying the company of those who mean the most to you.. plus all the beautiful crafts that can be created.

Dare I say it…but we come from a NON CHOCOLATE family…. I know…, who on earth doesn’t love chocolate….ME! So Easter is has always been about the soft and fluffy versions… delightful Easter decorations…rabbits, soft fluffy chicks and freshly laid eggs to decorate.

With websites like Pinterest and Craft Blogs the image of Easter has never looked better (for me anyway).

At My Fairy World we like to think that the magical creatures that exist in our children’s imaginations work collaboratively together to create special moments. These moments no longer have to be a simple chocolate bunny at the end of the bed. For some this is all that needs to be done…for others its only just the beginning.

Here are some great EggDecoratingDIY for your house and are super kid friendly for the school holidays too. Decorating Wooden Easter Eggs is a favourite of mine. Check out these hand carved wooden eggs made in Russia – they split open to hold something teeny tiny inside. This could be a message from the Easter Bunny to check outside for an Egg Hunt or a beautiful Easter Message from the fairies.

Spend a moment over the next two weeks with you children explaining the meaning of Easter… and enjoy the fun times spent decorating your house or Fairy World. Remember Fairies love Easter and (possibly chocolate..) just as much as you!

PicMonkey Collage