My Fairy World Australia

Creating magical moments for our children isn’t always easy…but its not always hard either. If we take the time as parents to realise the world has created so many wonderful tools to help encourage our little ones imagination they can be found at the tip of your fingers if we need them.

Here at My Fairy World we want to try and encourage parents to spend time developing their child’s creative thinking process. Its widely known that children who can explore and imagine with limited guidance become more sure of themselves and grow to become strong independent adults (isn’t this what we are striving to achieve??)

Creative play can be building blocks, coloured drawing, dress-ups…dragons and butterflies the list goes on. It can be highly adventurous or calm and quiet.. As a parent where do you begin?….

Try and evoke emotions from your children, pick an activity or a category that you know your wee little one is interested in. Many boys love being outside or creating Lego. Girls well… most are addicted to Glitter and Fairies – this is how Fairy Doors began for us!

Provide an environment where you discuss thought provoking conversation and then just let it roll…. Play with them…support their creative idea and let them smile… Often creative play begins and ends with loads of laughter and smiles.

If your looking for ideas on how to include imaginary play with your children have a look at our Fairy Door & Letter Writing Kits. These beautiful objects include hours upon hours of creative thinking. There is no limit to your imagination now! They can be an truly special gift to give to someone too.

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