Back to School Fairy Letters

Brush your teeth, comb your hair, get dressed, tie your shoes…. did you get your lunch bag??? And so it begins

Its the beginning of Term 1..Summer Holidays are near but gone as we look forward to the fun that Term 1 of school brings. For many its a time for new beginnings…Pre-school, First Day of Kindergarten and highly important the 1st Day of Prep. Now is the time to promote a positive message to our children about the new adventures that lay in front of them. Some are eager to begin early morning rises with the question – “Is it THE day yet?” where some are slightly anxious about what lays ahead.

For those who are anxious Fairy Doors and the magical concept of fairies can be a helping hand to encourage your young ones that this change is for the positive. It has been noted many times the importance of imagination and how it helps build awareness of oneself and others around thus promoting confidence is the person that they are.

Fairies can leave little notes of encouragement and support, trinkets required for the classroom such as notebooks and pencils, fairy decorations ready for back to school.. the list can go on. Creativity is endless (and its so much fun)…

Please follow our link to My Fairy World 2014FirstDayFairyLetters. These can be printed, folded and left outside your Fairy Door with some small Back to School supplies.

Wishing all our new school attendees a very happy 1st Day of School xxx MFW