Get Creative With Your Fairy Decorations!

Creativity, Fairy door boxFairy door, Fairy Letters, Fairy letter kit

We love being imaginative at Christmas time so here are a few creative tips to help get you started; all you need is your Fairy Door packaging and your imagination!

 Use the box to make a little bed for your Fairy to rest their head after a long day of exploring your room. Just add a comfy pillow and blanket to make sure they get a good night sleep for tomorrow’s new and exciting adventures! You can make your own Fairy pillow or buy the one available in our store!

Make use of the letter kit and Fairy Door box and have it as a treasure chest to keep all your valuable trinkets.

The Fairy Flower wall stickers can also be used to decorate around your room, just imagine your bed being surrounded by a beautiful flower garden! We know your fairies would love it too!!

 Remember My Fairy World is all about letting children explore and make use of all the Fairy Accessories to help create their own ‘My Fairy World!’