Believe in the Magic of Fairies

BlogImage1 BlogImage2A world with Fairies and Elves is so enchanting, it’s hard to resist! My Fairy World is your very own doorway into the exciting world of magic, wonder and imagination.

To get started, put up some fairy decorations and sprinkle sparkly fairy dust. Leave a message or trinket at your fairy door to welcome your Fairy and just wait to discover the beautiful, whimsical world that awaits you. Everything you need to prepare for the arrival of Fairies is right inside My Fairy Worlds magical letter kit box.

Your Fairies will visit when you least expect it and leave notes of love, encouragement and fun. Be sure to keep your room clean so that the Fairies can explore all your hidden treasures!!

My Fairy World Products encourage imagination and creative thinking that can be shared throughout the family. Doors can be attached to a bedroom wall, a shelf or outside in your garden; the possibilities are endless!