Fairy Doors

Create a world full of wonder and imagination with your own Fairy Door

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Each Fairy Door comes with: 1 hand-crafted 10x20cm Fairy Door, moss grass matting, fairy dust and a fairy welcome letter.

A Fairy Door is a gateway between the human world and the magical world of fairies, which allows your child’s fairy to visit during the night. Your children can leave notes, wishes or gifts for the fairies and, in exchange, the fairies will protect your children from bad dreams. We are fairly confident that the Tooth Fairy prefers to fly using My Fairy World!

A Fairy Door can be placed anywhere in the home – on a bedroom wall, in a doll or cubby house, even in the yard where you can create your own fairy garden. It makes no difference where your Fairy World is created – humans cannot and should not be opening fairy doors – only the fairies can!

Your Fairy Door measures 10cm x 20cm, and doors are available in a range of different colours that will be sure to match your child’s bedroom.  All come with moss matting for the fairies to play on, fairy dust and your very first Fairy Letter.  You can add to your fairy world with a range of difference accessories, including Fairy Wall Stickers, Fairy Mailboxes, and even a Fairy Camping Kit!