Fairy Door Accessories Pack


Felt Fairy Bed
A divine felt spin on a homemade leaf bed. Suitable for any fairy that needs a little rest throughout their playtime in your fairy world. Set this up on your mossy matt and see if the fairies visit you at night. Includes leaf bed and a padded pillow, measuring 8.5cm by 5cm.

Fairy Night Light
These beautiful old fashioned street lamps make the perfect night light for fairies to play under. The miniature LED battery operated lights can be switched on and off at your desire and can be used as a soft glow night light too. Fairy Night Lighs are 20cm tall and look gorgeous next to any My Fairy World fairy door.

Fairy Mushroom Table and Chairs
These beautiful French handmade felted mushrooms will sit perfectly out the front of your Fairy Door, ready to invite a fairy to play. Pack includes one large and two felt mushrooms. Please note colours are selected randomly.

Step Ladder
Every now and then a door location makes it a little difficult for fairies to reach the ground. These beautiful hand-made and painted ladders are the perfect accessory to help aid your fairy, perfect for accessing doors above skirting boards. Each step ladder measures 12cm tall by 5cm wide. Choice of grey or white.

Picket Fence Wall Decal
Vinyl wall decals are a great way to personalise the area around your Fairy Door and create a playful environment that welcomes any Fairy that might come your way. Available in packs of two, 10cm by 10cm. Choice of grey or white.