My daughter has used all of her Fairy Letters – can I buy some more for her without purchasing the entire Letter Kit again?

Yes you can! We sell packs of 14 pre-printed Fairy Letters for all occasions. We also sell individual packs of 10 miniature fairy envelopes, and the 3 piece twig fairy pencil kit.

I have a children’s toy shop. Am I able to purchase My Fairy World stock wholesale to sell in my store?

Absolutely.  We have a wholesale fairy door division through which you can order and we can supply My Fairy World items as required. Contact us by email here for further information, pricing, and to place an order.

Is the colour I see on my computer the exact colour of the product I’m ordering?

Please note that colours of products will sometimes vary depending on the quality and make of the computer monitors they are being viewed on.

Also, as all My Fairy World products are handcrafted and sometimes made from hand-dyed yarn, the colour will vary from batch to batch – the felt mushrooms, some of our fairy accessories,  are one such product that may have slight colour variation.

How do I attach my Fairy Door?

Use an adhesive product such as Blu Tack or mounting tape to attach your door to your chosen wall. Please be careful with your product choice, as they may mark or remove paint from the wall. We recommend Bostik Blu Tack as our product of choice.