Monster Spray

Monster SprayA Tool to Help Kids Conquer Their Fear of Monsters

If you have a little one with a fear of monsters, you know that bedtime can be quite stressful for your child and very challenging for you as a parent. Bedtime should be a special and memorable part of a little one’s day, but if your child is afraid of monsters or boogeymen or has bad dreams or nightmares, it can be anything but. When it’s time to turn out the light, fear and anxiety set in, turning bedtime routine into a stressful experience for the entire family.

There are many internet ideas to help settle anxiety from the bed-time routine…. to types of food they eat… and then some. We love the idea of keeping it simple and empowering our little ones with a little magic and belief.

Spray away the bad and invite the magic…. With a little spray pre-bed time and if required a whole load of spray during the night our new “Monster Spray is the answer!

While some people may think that a tool like this may foster your child’s belief in monsters, many feel it’s important to acknowledge your child’s insecurity.  Those “monsters” may not be real, but their fears are.  Providing them with something like this can empower your child, and give them control over their fear.

With support and encouragement from a parent or loved one, they can just as easily believe that they have power to make those gremlins go away.

Sweet dreams, little ones!