Fairy Mail

The Fairy Letter Writing Revolution

We want to talk with you about letters that bring magic and foster the imagination and some amazing letter writing ideas that will help encourage the fascination of  the world of Fairies

Fairy doors are the gateway between the world of Fairies and our world. When the fairies visit, they often leave fairy dust lying around, but most importantly, they leave letters and messages to those who wish to communicate with them.

The joy that can be felt when they receive a letter is wonderful… and just so magical. Be sure to encourage your children to keep their letters in a very special place, that they can re-visit. We know occasionally they are shared at school, (who wouldn’t want to show their friends they have had a visit from their very own fairy). Fairies love talking about their adventures and some special things that happen in Fairy World.

This time of year its all about nature.. the leaves are dropping – acorns can be found on the ground… why not try writing a mini message on a newly fallen leaf. You just need a metallic pen and gentle fingers – the fairies will love this idea and will most certainly reply!

Leaf MailArt
Fairy Mail – Leaf Letter Writing. All you need is a metallic pen and a fallen leaf xx MFW

Our Letter Writing Kit has beautiful DIECUT miniature leaves which are a great alternative and can be used for your child to create their own fairy mail or for the “fairies” to use as a reply tool!

Other Fairy Mail ideas

  • Collect some acorns or other small nature items on your walk around the garden leave them as presents and use them as a prompt to tell your fairies about your days adventures
  • Fold a simple origami envelope and inside write your letter  – HERE is a link to follow for ideas
  • Write a message and leave it for the fairies in a mini glass bottle filled with glitter (of course) that way you will know they have definitely been…

Use this blank letter pad and write to your fairies – it has loads of space can easily coloured in to create a little more magic Download HERE Fairy Mail Printable


 Being the “Fairy”

There are no rules.. anything goes….. it can be a simple reply on a teeny tiny piece of paper… re-arrange a few little things around the fairy door to show the fairies have been and had loads of fun.

  • Write about Fairy World
  • Encourage good behaviour… to tidy your room so the fairies can come and play
  • Wish good luck and provide small words of encouragement


If you imagination and time-frame is a little limited My Fairy World Letter Writing Kit is exactly what you need. Included are a set of Pre-Written Fairy letters with reply such as “Happy Birthday”… “We had fun playing in your room last night”…”Good Luck on your first day at school”! A range of tiny DieCuts to use as craft and Letter Writing tools, Wish Tickets and so much Letter Writing Fairy Mail delight!

Have fun creating your Fairy-Mail tonight xxxx MFW

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