The Creation of My Fairy World


Pink Fairy Door. Mini Fairy Mail Box. Fairy Letter Box.Perhaps someday somewhere someone will make something so beautiful it will change the world.

We started our humble little Fairy Door business with this statement in mind – a dream, a vision to help create something magical and to encourage children all over the world to believe in the magic of fairies.

It started with an obsession with glitter and craft and a little too much spare time on my hands… a beautiful daughter with a love of fairies and an idea to bring back a little magic to everyone’s world.

It was a creation that took 2 years to imagine, design and perfect.. There were challenges along the way but that’s all part and parcel of creating a dream. The easy part is the vision its the execution that takes the time!

A friend reminded me yesterday about my passion… the part that oozed out every minute of everyday to create something beautiful. Much thought and time went into the design stage, particularly the packaging we wanted to create something that enabled the children the opportunity to further explore, dream and create. All our packaging can be kept, remodelled or used as a treasure chest to keep those “all important gems” our children seem to find.

The Fairy Door is only the beginning… its the functional product used as a tool to dream so much more…..

This year is already upon us and with so many wonderful ideas to be fulfilled we need a few empty My Fairy World box’s to gather our thoughts. We are looking forward to sharing this with you over 2015 so keep watching this space xxxx

Michelle xxx